About Us

Hello friends, I go by the name of September Man. During the past years, I have been learning different dating techniques working with different meeting platforms such as Yahoo Messenger, Black Planet, Craigslist Personals, and Plenty-of-Fish.

I am truly a believer that knowledge is power and in the hands of good people it, plus you can seriously change the world.

That's why I have created The Slackers Method to Help YOU educate yourself with all things applicable to dating, relationships, casual encounters and more.

My main mission here is to Help YOU Understand, Learn, Master, and Apply different tools to increase your success and put odds in your favor.

Since I started submerging myself on the Internet way back in 90's, I was able meet women but I always wanted more and better women. Call me greedy but it was this desire that propelled me to learn what would enable me to reach the level of having a steady steam of dates, sex and relationships.

Moreover, this entire journey has been a great path for me because I did not only come to know that change can be made but it helped me discover my true inner passion and that is to help others.

These days, more and more people are joining Internet Dating sites to meet their next date from their couch. That's why I came with this non-revolutionary but simple idea that slacking can be beneficial for the guy who's not the socially accepted alpha-male. I share with you all that I have gained and learned from my experiences with women, online dating and more because I feel that my story can benefit YOU.

My Motivation

I believe in life-long learning and have come to understand that mistakes and failure are all part of the journey that leads one to success. My goal is to make everything I know available to you and help you reach your true potential.

I want you to not only gain skills, but to gain confidence, acceptance of yourself because everything in this world becomes possible when you've mastered yourself. I encourage you to jump inside this website and start learning more now!

Never stop learning and always follow your aspirations, goals, and dreams.