Conversation Skills: How Important Are They?

guy talks with girl

One of the things that suck about western education or at least when I came up in school is, there was not a great deal of importance placed on conversation skills. This is something I've had to pursue myself and learn on my own, outside of school because very few colleges emphasis this much needed skill.

At best I've seen it at seminars and read about it in books like 'Think and Grow Rich' and 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' two book I highly recommend everyone who's interested in self improvement add to their reading list.

This skill transcends the boundaries of online dating, it touches our most important relationships in life such as family, friends and co-workers.

How well you speak can determine how far you get in life. So there are a few things about conversation skills you want to learn. What are they? Words, How to use them, How to speak to people.

The words you use and your understanding of their usage is important. I may be a slacker but just because one is a slacker doens't mean they have to be a fool, at least not all of the time.[lol]

One book everyone should have in their possession is a dictionary either in physical form or virtually on my smart phone.

Why? Because it's important to know and understand words and more importantly their usage if you don't fully understand them. I won't beat you over the head with this point too much here, just understand the importance of having a grasp of words to choose from as well as knowing them.

For instance, have you ever been in conversation and noticed when someone mispoke, ie. an incorrect use of words or a word used out of place?

How would you know? Well if you make it your point to know something about the words that you use and how to use them properly, your mind would posses the intelligence to catch such an error.

Okay so enough of that. Conversation skills will aide you in more ways than one. How would you keep a conversation going or change the direction of the conversation to something else?

Having good conversational skills are a benefit to you and others if deployed skillfully in your interactions with others.

Another thing conversational skills do is enhance the depth of your ability to expand on any topic. I don't know about you but here's a problem I had in my very beginnings. I can get heavy on certain subjects and it frustrated me to communicate with people who were unable to either keep up, or showed lack of interest due to having poor conversational skills themselves.

So let's improve our world, which improves the world by taking a look at our conversational skills to understand where lack and turn a weakness into a strength. Now that's how you self improve, are you ready? 


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