Online Dating: Does It Really Work?


When I go places or am out with friends I'm often asked the question "Does online dating really work?" My answer to this question is, Yes but it depends on a few things. What are those few things? We'll get into that in more detail below.

What does it depend on?

Well, there are many factors that can determine if online dating will work for you personally.

For me online dating has been wildly successful but in the beginning it was not that way. It took some time and much effort on my part to get to a level of casual dating that I would deem successful.

So for you that level of success may differ. So going back to what it depends on, there are several things and I will tell you those several things that can determine your online dating success.

Some people like to use eHarmony, other's like Zoosk, or many of the newer dating services out there. I am not committed to any specific dating site in fact I have my theories about which is better and why. I'll go into these in a later article, for now you should understand that I like using free sources to meet people such as Craigslist, POF, and other non specific dating sites.

So allow me to enumerate three things that I've learned and feel are important. Are there more than these three? You bet there are, but these are three important things that can help you with online dating right now.

1. Know thy self - It may sound like I'm getting religious or biblical on you but I assure you I'm not. The better you know yourself, the better you'll be at meeting like minded people. Knowing yourself boils down to knowing what it is you want, knowing what your turn on's and turn off's are, and knowing what your deal breakers are.

Online dating brings the world to your finger tips so I cannot stress how important it is to know yourself first. I'll talk about this more in future blog entries.

2. Have good conversation skills - Next to knowing yourself, having great conversation skills are equally as important. Why? The better you speak or articulate yourself the more doors or opportunities you're going to have open to you. Conversation skills will carry you far, knowing how to start a conversation and end a conversation is critical to your overall success. This is unisex information I would hand to both men and women.

3. Knowing how to have fun - Just as having good conversation skills will take you far, knowing how to have fun makes you attractive. Most people who use online dating are looking to have a good time, this is also known as a fun time. Are you a fun person? Fun people tend to laugh more and have a better time, this is an attractive quality to embody that people want to be around because it makes them feel good. So know how to have some fun and know about some fun things to do!

Well that's about it. These are three critical points that anyone interested in online dating should know to be successful in finding their one or just having more dates. You decide what you want and check out my book The Slacker's Method: A How To Guide For Meeting Women On Craigslist which contains more in depth information like this, so get your copy today!


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