Garbage Pale Bitches: Are You Messing With Them?

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Thanks to the ever evolving world of internet online-dating, people from all over the world have access to one another. This can be a double-edged sword, at first glance a great thing on one hand and on the other an obstacle that can prevent progress.

The Bullshit Alarm: Are You Pushing That Button?

bullshit buttonDo you understand how fire alarms work? Well in case you didn't know, fire alarms are a safety feature designed to let occupants of a home know when there's danger from smoke or fire. Fire alarms are meant to protect and save lives.

Which Dating Sites Are The Best?

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In conversation, when people discover my openess towards online dating they ask me, which dating site is the best? This really depends on you and from what perspective you hold.

Conversation Skills: How Important Are They?

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One of the things that suck about western education or at least when I came up in school is, there was not a great deal of importance placed on conversation skills. This is something I've had to pursue myself and learn on my own, outside of school because very few colleges emphasis this much needed skill.

Online Dating: Does It Really Work?


When I go places or am out with friends I'm often asked the question "Does online dating really work?" My answer to this question is, Yes but it depends on a few things. What are those few things? We'll get into that in more detail below.