When Distraction Comes Along: The Woman In The Red Dress

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When I was younger I always wanted to know what was the secret to getting a woman and multiple women. Maybe you have this question too. I eventually received the answer and here's what I've found out.

There is no ONE way, this can be a good thing especially if you feel variety is the spice of life. The ways are numerous, this can be bad for those who value consistency over variety. I know all too well because consistency is where I use to be.

I've learn to adjust for more when the situation called.

After experiencing a few failed relationships in my past, I became stuck in my feelings and became lost as to which direction to head in. A close friend approached me about writing after seeing me constantly going out on dates. That lead to me writing the first book 'The Slackers Method: A How to Guide for Meeting Women on Craigslist'.

After writing that book, I grew quite proud of myself because naturally I'm a slacker and barely made it through high school English. Imagine that, someone who didn't enjoy English one day writing a book.

It didn't stop there, at the time I was dabbling with Wordpress and blogging. I wasn't doing something new but wasn't doing it to well. I knew that in order to sell my book, I wanted a website to pitch it from which you're on now reading this very article. Mission Accomplished!

Being a Virgo perfectionism is part of my nature. I don't want to put out junk but sometimes my raw unrefined thoughts are better than my drafted proof read thoughts. Like Apple takes pride in creating the best high quality product for it's consumers, I take pride in wanting to provide you what I feel will be an enduring value.

You might be thinking, perfectionist + slacker do not mix and you'd be correct but I'll tell you this, there are some things that I will absolute slack on and others I will devote my strictest attention to.

What does all this have to do with the title of this article. Keep reading...

Through this growth phase I've experienced many things which have lead me to new discoveries about myself. I won't jump down that rabbit hole here but you should know, you and I both share the same amount of time in a day, the only difference is where our focus is placed.

Before this personal project blossomed, I was highly or dare I say easily distracted by women. When I became occupied with this project, I became consumed with acquiring all the necessary skills to bring forthmy vision. I started becoming conscious of how women were a big distraction in my life. Sure, I talked to a lot of them and because of this my phone was always buzzing with notifications, text message here, email there, "Uh oh, a phone call... I don't want to talk to her (Send that to voice mail)". Look, there's only so much damn talking you can do before you hear it all!

Think about it, my focus had shifted away from them and I made something else the priority in my life. Which is what I should've been doing in the first place, but I digress.

I kid you not, every time my focus grew on what I was working to achieve intensified, the amount of phone calls, text messages, nude photos, arguments and other attention stealing behavior increases. So haphazardly, I discovered women are a distraction when you become busy with something! AH HA! and HA HA HA!!

When you spot a distraction you'll begin to discover more of them and that they are everywhere. I hate to say it but family, friends, the job, school, you name it, they're all there to derail your focus and take you off course. Some for a second, others for a minute, and a few for a lifetime. You follow this?

See another thing I'll point out to you is this. I've noticed from observation and articles highlighting women's usage of social media. Women use social media to distract themselves from boredom. Look at all the facebook or other social media post that say 'I'm Bored', 'HMU', 'I wish I had someone to talk to, lets chat' and 'Bored.com'. It's not just there, it's pretty much all over the social media sites I frequent so it should be safe to assume it must be everywhere.

I bring that up to bring this up, you can be like those people, bored, vegging on netflix and not accomplishing a thing or you can be like many of us out here working to accomplish something. Whether it's figuring out how to do something, or even working out, there's too much to do to sit around being BORED.

Do you see what I'm getting at here?

I see lots men younger than myself falling into the same trap women sit in, Bored! When you say you're bored, you're really communicating that you're BORING! No one likes hanging around people that bore the shit out of them. Think about why you like talking to or hanging around certain types of people, was it because they were boring or because they were interesting or funny?

Anyway's I'm going to close this out by dropping you a major clue. I'm not saying to avoid women or not talk to them. Self-Improvement is something you should take pride in and never feel ashamed of. No one's going to do your work for you and the more focused you become on yourself and mastery just watch how the distractions, namely women come along to try and get some or all of your attention.

Do not do this because you are trying to attract women, do this because you want something out of YOUR life and you're willing to work hard to get it! For me, I'm working hard to see this project manifest and come to life. It's my mission to see it through and help millions of YOU!

When you get involved in your own personal thing, you'll see what I'm talking about. In the meantime your focus my friends!

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the matrix the woman in the red dress


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