Where I've Been And Where I'm Going

ill be back

Hello Friends and fellow slackers,

I'm glad you stop by and if you're reading this latest update I have much to tell. I've been super busy working on mastering new skills that I feel are vital to the continuance of The Slackers Method.

This is a new upstart, fresh out the factory of my imagination.

A little bit of truth mixed in with a touch of fiction (to protect the names and identities of real people of course) as I pass on pertinent info.

2015 has been a blast and looky here we're already at the end of it. I look forward to completing a few projects in the new year to come, a few of them include new books, a podcast and some other stuff which I'll update you on as it gets closer to completion.

Unlike you, who I am here to assist, I don't have a dating life right now because I've decided to devote my time to making this a wonderful experience for you, my guest.

But I do have someone special I think of often and you know who you are, a special lady, but I've become married to my work. Ha ha ha!

When I wrote the book back in 2009, I had no idea all the new skills I'd pick up and the directions it would take me in. I look forward to a time ahead where I will be able to rest and relax a little but right now it's all about putting things together because I've never done anything this BIG before. I have so much to do and not enough time to do it all. 

So please bear with me, connect with me, because I look forward to providing you with some great new content in the new year!

In the mean time check out the YouTube Channel where I'll be sharing news that should offer insights, food for thought, clarity, humor and more. I love to learn and if you're here, that means you do too!



September Man


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