Who's Responsible For You?... You, That's Who!

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Over the course of 2013, I consumed much news about world events. There wasn't a day that went by that scandal, fraud, or a sweet heart scam made the news. What was surprising was the increase in frequency that such events occur.

It got me to consider that it was something that probably happened far more often than the news would report on.

One thing that could be taken away from all these incidents combined was that there was a victim. Online dating sites are passive tools and presents users with the opportunity to meet another. It also brings with it the increased chance of being duped, catfished, you name it. No one appreciates being duped at least no one I can think of.

Now that online dating has opened Pandora's Box of sorts, new services have popped up to help individuals avoid the pitfalls. Nothing wrong with this per se and some Online Date Verifications Reveal Dating Scams because particular information can be gathered to help with decision making.

A problem I see developing is when people come to rely upon such services for their security because people have a tendency to be lazy. Relying on such services can negate one from doing their due diligence. Ya know, that thing called research, observation, home work anyone?

What's The Hard Work?

The hard work is getting to know someone through the process and that takes time.

One commonality central to these stories is people's tendency to blindly trust someone. Also they would say something like "I trusted that person..." or "I thought they were being honest".

It's time to grow up and realize that blind trust is rather childish. The point I'm getting at here and one you'll read about in my series of books by The Slacker's Method "Why trust when you can know?"

In case there's some confusion allow me to clarify for you "Why trust when you can know?" You say "an online dating verification service can give me needed information" no, not quite. It can give you information that's sort of readily available online or gathered through third party data aggregators who have compiled the data.

There is a simpler way to know, it's so simple you might reject it upon hearing it.

Okay are you ready?

Here goes, 'Trust no one!' How about that? The reason I tell you this is because the only person you should be trusting is YOU. Act like you 'trust others but don't' because to err is human. One thing you can trust about people is that they'll be people.

Acting like you trust others but don't gives people the opportunity to shine and show you their true character, personality and more. This is sort of an advanced dating tactic and requires good people reading skills. You could be a good judge of character or you might not be, a good book to read and I'd recommend is 'How to Read People'.

You Are Responsible For You!

It's important to understand that no matter how many services an online dating website rolls out to make you feel secure, you're the one who's responsible for your security.

Via Yahoo News "Woman Sues Match.Com After Date Attacks Her" In this story the woman alleges Match.com didn't do enough to screen their matches for criminal backgrounds. This is not really Match.com, or any other online dating sites responsibility. They're providing you with a format to meet people. Screening and security is a personal responsibility that should be up to each individual. This woman was sold on the idea, through Match's advertising, that her encounters would be safe matches. She became a victim by relying upon Match and duped by trusting in them to handle a responsibility that is solely hers.

This is just one example out of many I could point out about people putting trust in an organization or another person when they should be putting trust in themselves. You go with your gut instinct, not someone's charming good looks, fat bank account or other baloney attributes you think gives someone attractiveness.

In closing remember that your safety, security and level of vulnerability is your responsibility. You are are responsible for you. We live in some crazy times and sometimes people fail to forget that they live in a world of people. What are you thoughts about this should online dating sites be responsible for user's safety or is this something that the user should manage? Let me know below!


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