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Monday 3:33am

Greetings Friend and Fellow Craigslist Personal User,

Are you tired of not having any luck with Craigslist Personals and other dating platforms?

Well that's about to change because I have some great news for you!

  • Did you know that Craigslist has roughly 50 Million personals users?

For some it can be a real challenge just to meet 1.

Are you growing tired of your ads going unnoticed and receiving no responses at all?

How about all the spam? Isn't it aggravating to respond to an ad only to find out it's SPAM?

  • Did you know that studies show 84% of Craigslist personal ads are fake? Not surprising right?

Grrrr! just makes you want to face palm and ask why am I doing this?

Trust me, I know all to well that feeling but the great news is, all is not lost.

This book introduces a solution for many common online dating troubles. These solutions didn't come easy, but what really matters is that NOW you can have it all in one easy to read book!

Introducing The Slacker's Method - A How to Guide for Meeting Women on Craigslist

The Slacker's Method follows the events of one character's journey through high school to several failed relationships that caused him to question women, relationships and the meaning of love.

From heartbreak to recovery this story has it all and best of all he learned by slacking his methods. He found that he could enjoy meeting all of the women he wanted, without spending money or buying gifts.

He ends up using this method to discover the abundance Craigslist © Personals combined with other dating platforms has to offer.

It took trial and error but inside you'll be shown solutions like the following:

  • The 5 things to avoid -  These are 5 crucial things every man seeking a woman on Craigslist needs to know before posting an ad!
  • 9 Reasons Why Women Don't Respond - Why learning these 9 things can greatly improve your chances of success!
  • Dirty little secrets women on Craigslist and other Online Dating sites hope the average guy never finds out!

This book is created for the guy who's ready to get past the games and headache to meet women. I feel meeting women online should be an inexpensive and fun experience. Shouldn't you?

  • An affordable dating strategy that'll really have the women wanting to meet you because YOU seem different.
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The Aim Of This Book Is To Get 'You' To The Mountain Top

If you like Cougars, BBW's, Single Moms, College Brats and anything else available on dating sites like Craigslist Personals and others, then this book is you must read.

You See That Clock, It's Ticking!

You could be setting up dates and meeting women to have fun with right now!
How do you plan on having more relationships, dates or sex if you never meet any women? With this book you're also going to get an inside peek into what women think helping you to boost your potential which is infinite.

The Solutions Contained In This Book Are Too Valuable To Pass Up Because:

  • It's going to help you save time and money. 
  • It's going to help you rid yourself of those annoying flakes.
  • It's going to show you how dating multiple women is the best strategy.
  • It's going to show you a few things that work when creating an ad.
  • Inside you will be shown a routine that works like magic!
  • And much much more...

Can you imagine growing tired of women and needing to take a break from them just because they're always around?

Yes! that can actually happen with The Slacker's Method.

September Man

P.S. You don't have to live another sad day suffering from the pain of being alone, depressed, and frustrated. The solution is simple, and it's here but ONLY if you take action NOW!