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Spam is clever and its out ot get you!

To minimze spam in your email inbox here are some additional ways for you to detect it.

So you've just put together an ad or you responded to an ad and receive a reply. You start reading it and by the time you get to the end you're being asked to view more photo's all you have to do is go to this website and sign up.

Once you sign up, what do you expect? Perfection? Better quality women? A better chance than what you're currently getting?

Either way you've had your emotions played upon. At The Slacker's Method we fully believe in building a firm foundation upon which to grow. That being said, if you cannot meet a woman from online signing up for a website that promises all the bells and whistles will not improve your chances significantly.

spam pic

So we recommend you use the free route, two websites that are great because they are free are Craigslist and Plenty of Fish. Plenty of Fish has it's own problems but we will discuss those in another topic. The emphasis for today is Craigslist and if you use Craigslist for meeting women, spam and lots of it is something you should expect. Keeping this in consideration significantly reduces the amount of frustration once you factor it into the equation. Our job here is to help provide you with the ways to minimize receiving spam and also help reduce your frustration with it. On we go to ways of detecting a spam response should you receive one in your inbox.

Link Redirects,

So you've got a response. You start reading it and some where in the message is line that reads like this;

    For my email address and stuff here is my links come and get me.
    I am looking for someone I can chat and share my wild dreams with. You can find my profile on this website
    Lets speak some more online, I'm nervous but! click this and we can speak here.

Challenge questions. These are questions to get you to respond. Now we've shared with you how you can minimize receiving spam by adding Subject line request, now what you need to do is when you receive a response to your message and it doesn't contain the subject line request or a picture if you requested one, Or is a blank message requesting you to respond for a picture, Delete it!

If you even entertain the idea in your head "let me see what this person looks like" you set yourself up to slip on a banana peel.


Designed to lure you in, could you use them?

  • I do have a pic... do you?
  • Hey. Curious why you're using craigslist? You haven't had luck in person?
  • So if your not trying to meet asap then don't bother emailing me!!!
  • Put your favorite color in the subject so i know you happen to be real.
  • Do you have a pic you can send me? I'll do the same if I like what I see. *wink*

Next we will talk about message you receive with an attachment which is a .htm or .html file. Look people, attaching a picture to a message is not rocket science. Therefore anything short of a .jpg, or .gif is unacceptable in our opinion.

Now if there is a picture pay attention to the file name. Most camera's have their own extensions. For example I have a Fujifilm Finepix Z series camera. All of the photos taken are named DSC0001 and follow in sequential order.

So you can automatically conclude that a picture named odoRgbzABgz0N1qq2bDwiAxx.jpg is spam!

Pictures can be renamed and if so, it should be in relation to what the photo is about. Be aware that SPAM! has gotten smarter using more realistic sounding file nams.

As the old saying goes "If it's too good to be true, chances are it probably is!"

Well there you have it folks! Times and their tactics are changing but don't you worry The Slacker's Method will keep you informed.




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