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Keeper or Standby?

Are you a keeper or a stand by? Today we deliver this article to you because we often hear from women about how hard it is to find a good man. To get through this article you will need tough skin because we will talk to you as if you were a guy. It's necessary to come from that angle so you have an idea of how some men think.

  • Where's all the real men at?
  • Do real men still exist?

Sifting through countless ads it appears quite a few of you are having a hard time landing a descent man.

So what's the difference between a 'Keeper' and 'Stand By'?

A 'Keeper' is a woman worth keeping around. She possesses long-term qualities that are desirable to a man.

A 'Stand By' would be that woman who's just good enough for busting nuts in, she's a 'bust it baby'. The stand by is the girl men don't hang out with all the time. She's the 'good-times girl' that's called up and always 'dtf' (down-to-fuck).

So if you didn't know, now you know the difference.

Which Category Do You Fall Into?

You might feel with all your heart that you're a good sweet woman, you treat people nice and you even bake cookies but you always get walked over by men.

Ever have this happen to you?

How about this one, you meet a guy and everything is going great until the two of you sleep together then suddenly he appears to change. What gives?

You feel like it's the men of the world, it's really more like the men you attract.

A woman who is a keeper is more than the cultural labels 'girl next door' or 'wifey material' the women find themselves trying to fit into. A woman who is Keeper conducts herself in a certain fashion that keeps men wanting to come back for more.

For those of you who haven't figured this out, sex does not keep a man coming back for more no matter how nasty you try to put it on him. So there's got to be something else, but what is it?

Men Are Strange...

In reality when women say 'Men are strange...', what they are talking about more specifically is the behavior of men that appears strange. Don't worry, men feel women are equally just as strange.

It's important to put behavior in to it's proper context. Sometimes the way a woman behaves can cause a man to react a certain way. Ahhh... I bet you didn't know that one did you?

For instance, men see your pictures of you showing off your breast online and regardless of what you say they may confuse you with someone who's a little on the fast side, a ho!, and not the garden tool type! A stand by, a side chick, enough you should get it. Someone with short-term qualities.

You as a woman are in charge of how you present yourself. Depending on how you do this, depends on how men will respond.

So what's the secret sauce for becoming achieving 'Keeper' status? That'll be covered in a future article so stay tuned.




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