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Relationship Types - additional available types listed below

Strictly platonic (Just friends)

Misc romance (less deterministic but still traditional dating/LTR oriented)

Casual encounters

  • w4m (woman seeking man)
  • m4m (man seeking man)
  • m4w (man seeking woman)
  • w4w (woman seeking woman)
  • t4m (transvestite seeking man)
  • m4t (man seeking transvestite)
  • mw4mw (man and woman seeking man and woman)
  • mw4w (man and woman seeking woman)
  • mw4m (man and woman seeking man)
  • w4mw (woman seeking man and woman)
  • m4mw (man seeking man and woman)
  • w4ww (woman seeking woman and woman)
  • m4mm (man seeking man and man)
  • mm4m (man and man seeking man)
  • ww4w (woman and woman seeking woman)
  • ww4m (woman and woman seeking man)
  • mm4w (man and an seeking woman)
  • m4ww (man seeking woman and woman)
  • w4mm (woman seeking man and man)
  • t4mw (transvestite seeking man and woman)
  • mw4t (man and woman seeking transvestite)

Missed connections 

Rants and raves

New Miscellaneous Romance - for the less deterministic [Do not use!!]


Adult Services in the US (which has now closed). Erotic Services in other countries

  • w4m (woman seeking man)
  • t4m (Transvestite seeking man)
  • m4m (man seeking man)
  • m4w (man seeking woman)
  • w4w (woman seeking woman)

What's your opinion about these categories, is it enough or should more be added?



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