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New York State passes an Internet Dating Safety Act. It is the second state to do so.

These are some interesting times that we live in. The internet has made it easier for people to connect with others and this is a great thing.

Is there a catch? You bet ya!

There's a downside which will be touched on shortly.

First things first and thats some interesting facts on where things are now and where they are heading. The internet is still evolving and growing at an ever expanding pace. Governments around the world, including the United States plan to introduce infrustructure changes. The private sector is working to enabling higher bandwidth speeds and big brother is looking to restrict access.

In 2009, the world wide web passed the one billion user mark globally.

That’s plenty of fish which equals HUGE opportunities for the right guys and girls.


And we say that, to say this...

In the last 15 years, the way in which we communicate has transformed many times. No longer are website plain text bulletin boards they have morphed into interactive communities serving billions. The internet is alive with pictures, video, music, chat, ecommerce, massive multi-online role playing games (mmorpg's) and more.

Now there’s web 2.0, introducing social networking and micro blogging. Add to this smart phones, 4G speeds and communication has evolved further.

Expanded access and increased speeds are great but this has also introduced some new problems a lot of people just haven’t bothered to consider. All this communication also gives sexual degenerates, rapist and pedophiles a chance to communicate too.

To combat this problem, dating sites have added features such as background checking services, and personality matching to ensure a better dating experience. Politicians are working to draft new laws and legislation but when was the last time a law solved a problem? Hold that thought.

For this reason it is stressed that, if you use online dating as a tool to meet others you should always practice safety first! There's nothing in the world that can circumvent common sense. We know for some of you this is preaching to the choir. For the rest of you who are a delayed, this means using your noodle. With practice and patience your brain is the best tool money cannot buy, the great thing for you is it can be developed.

New Yorks dating law won't be the last but it represents that there be many more to follow, we're certain of it.

Some of you need to understand that word no, and No means No! Successful casual daters will tell you one of the master keys to success is exercising self-control. In order to achieve success you will need to learn this too, otherwise a newly created law will make an example out of you and we're sure you wouldn't want that.

Or perhaps you would, who knows?



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