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That Burnin' Feeling


If it weren't for online dating, its safe to say a lot of people would have a hard time meeting. Thanks to online dating, meeting people has gotten easier than ever.

Our recommendation is to practice safe sex at all times. This means you have to exercise some responsibility. One of the best ways to do this is to either abstain, or become highly selective in taking your time to get to know someone. Which ever you choose, always practice safer sex.

Lots of women equals lots of choices, which equalos lots of something that rhymes with ussy.


Some points to consider

  • Women like to have sex too.
  • Women have unprotected sex with multiple partners just like men do
  • Not everyone practices good hygiene

You will have numerous opportunities to get some tail, get a girlfriend, married or what ever.

This news is being brought to you because the danger is real. Which means we have to protect ourselves at all cost. In case you're saying "I'll wear condoms", well perhaps you haven't heard condoms don't protect you from everything.


Understand the difference between STD's and STI's

Craigslist™ provides a great deal of information on sex related disease, especially since Craigslist™ is linked to the noticeable rise in STD's/STI's. You can get more information from the San Francisco City Clinic by clicking here.

Some will receive this message while others will get it later. Be safe and responsible out there because STD Awareness Day is every day you encounter someone sexually.




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