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Craigslist Screenshot

Have you ever glanced at the personals section of Craigslist? You should go and look at the men seeking women section. I know… I know… You’re not gay and neither am I but you peak at the competition. Looking at what the other guys are up to should give you some insight as to what’s common.

Women are hunting for men night and day because online dating is the greatest passive dating tool ever created. But understand for women this can be a daunting task just to find one decent guy. For them it’s like trying to find the needle in the hay stack. You want to be the needle worth discovering.

There are more men posting ads than women on Craigslist. Here are some stats so you can do the math.

In a random sampling of post between Men and Women taken from Craigslist November 12, 2010 There were a combined total of 475 personal ads:

  • of these 194 ads had photos.
  • Men posted a total of 425 ads.
  • of these 184 had photos.
  • Women posted a total 50 ads.
  • of these 10 photos.   

This gives us a ratio of 2:19. Not exactly my kind of odds. Lets break this down further shall we?

 There are a total of 425 ads posted by men which means puts things into “Sausagefest” territory.

The bad part is many of the male posters are making 90% of the mistakes I speak of in the ebook.

Numbers don’t mean much but in order for you to have the advantage you should take this data into consideration. This is why this approach will work over and over again… So keep reading!!!



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