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FAIL pic

Courtesy of Craigslist

I come on this site to get a good laugh at the ads. People really think they are going to find "the one" on here. What's even better than that is the people who post in the wrong catorgory and when they get mad at you for pointing it out.

  1. Why do people think they are going to find their "soulmate", the "perfect" women/man on craigslist personals?
  2. Perfectation........You are looking for someone on the internet, if you want perfect or nice or ? try a GYM or Church or Library.
  3. Sugar Daddy's and Cougars........... wow find someone else your own age grandpa/grandma if you are looking for someone that was born after you got out of high school you are a creep.
  4. DOWN LOW......... really don't kid yourself you are bi or gay. If you are having sex, getting/giving oral to a person of the same sex you are either gay or bi, COME OUT OF THE CLOSET!
  5. CHEATERS............. wouldn't it be funny if your other half responded to your ad? I would love to be a fly on the wall for that meet up!
  6. BASHERS......... I wonder what you see when you look in the mirror. I know what I see (someone that is bored and tired for BS)
  7. EVERYONE...... enjoy cyberland!

Rant complete. HAVE A GREAT DAY!



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