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Courtesy of Craigslist

Here we go again So this guy from work asks for my and I give it to him thinking well maybe he is interested in dating instead it turns out that he is only interested in getting laid. Oh My God What a
Shock ! lol yeah ok Whatever . It just makes me laugh Guys are so predictable really I mean come on these days it seems like thats all men are interested in SEX.

Yeah I agree sex is part of a relationship but Guys for some reason think that it's ok to want to have sex after one date or even after just talking for an hour. Seriously what ever happened to getting to know a person first ? What ever happened to sex meaning something ? I also want to reply to previous posts that I have seen about guys ranting claiming that women are just too shallow and expect too much. That is a lie. Since when is asking for someone who is a gentlemen too much ? Since when is too much to want to build a meaningful relationship before having sex ? And looks are not everything.




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