Picture of Craigslist Tag

This is about the tags in the Note gallery.


LOL! A lot of these were created when The Slackers Method was in it's infancy. I was having some fun thinking about the situations many of my friends and co-workers over the years found themselves in. Like this one:

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The Dating Game Board Game

Years ago when I first got started at this, meeting women was a real challenge because it was hard to approach a woman publicly risking rejection and perhaps a bit of public humiliation.

No one wants to suffer that and the thought of it is enough to kill an approach.


In my youth, I remember wanting an army of smoking hot babes, fast cars and piles of money. I get that many of my ill conceived ideas were formed and influenced by television shows, music videos and some familial influences.

I couldn't wait to grow up because that meant I would get to sleep with women!

Rachel Dolezal Black and White

Honestly, I can forgive Ms. Rachel Dolezal, as twisted as her story is I'll share with you why we should all forgive the transgression.

For years I've misrepresented myself to women. I always felt like they couldn't accept me for the person I was. Plus from my experiences, it seems that women don't chase after intelligent men the same way they do men with character flaws.

Dumb & Dumber: Creeper

I always hear people say that online dating doesn't work for them. I always venture to ask why? This question usually generates a raised eyebrow face look of "Why did you just ask me that?"

You're going to hear me repeat this often throughout many of the articles here so just be prepared for it. Never be afraid to ask questions and questions lead to answers!