Mario Bros. 1 Princess Peach

To start off let me admit that I'm a little slow. It's taking me 30+ years to figure out that life is a game. That's right, it's one BIG GAME!

This couldn't be made more clearer by common phrases we speak such as "the game of life", "dating games" etc etc. Not all may have a points system but they do contain game elements.

I'll be back clock

Hello Friends and fellow slackers,

I'm glad you stop by and if you're reading this latest update I have much to tell. I've been super busy working on mastering new skills that I feel are vital to the continuance of The Slackers Method.

This is a new upstart, fresh out the factory of my imagination.

Women In The Red Dress (The Matrix)

When I was younger I always wanted to know what was the secret to getting a woman and multiple women. Maybe you have this question too. I eventually received the answer and here's what I've found out.

Earlier today I read this article titled Why Aren't Guys Investing More In Online Dates.

And so I got to thinking about a few choice reasons why. Now this is based on feedback from other men as well as personal experiences from the dating scene.

Much has been talked about on the subject of rape. Let me be clear by first telling you that rape is wrong. The only exception that makes it not wrong is when a woman specifically wants it because she has a rape fantasy. Let's be adult about this and realize there's a subset of women who actually do want this. That is a small minority and the overall population of women do not want to be raped.