In the beginning there was man or so it was written, but what is a Man? I ask this because when I come to think about it, I seriously don't know. I mean I understand it's a gender based on a certain anatomy but what is a Man really?

Like so many, I wasn't given a proper civics lesson in school, you know where they teach you about government and how it's all supposed to work. Politics was discussed in my house but usually surrounded media talking points. Something i'll touch on later.

When you become overwhelmed, sometimes you have to take a step back, take a deep breath, refocus, and renew your thoughts.

What a mess I've made. One big beautiful glorious mess. They always say "Be careful what you wish for!" and I know Ive heard it since I was younger. I didnt understand it fully or the connection between wishes and reality. Dreams do come true so maybe they ought to change that phrase to this "Be careful what you wish for!!" If you're wondering what the extra exclaimation mark is for, it's there to emphasis the seriousness of really being careful as you make a wish.

Hey Slackers,

September Man here and it's been a while, almost too long since I've written a new entry on this site. I have not forgotten about you, my visitors who come here.

I have lots of work to do and I'm a one man band type of guy. So thank you for your continued patronage and sticking with me while I continue to work to make this place, an even better place!