Frequently Asked Questions

A Few Frequently Asked Questions


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[accordion_item title="What is The Slackers Method?"]

To find out more about The Slackers (Method), get yourself a copy of the book The Slackers Method: A How to Guide for Meeting Women on Craigslist today!


[accordion_item title="What is The Slackers Method About?"]

Once you learn what The Slackers Method is, you'll see that it can be applied to just about any area of your life. In the case of this website it will be applied to Online Dating, Dating Apps and Relationships.


[accordion_item title="Is The Slackers Method just for straight hetero men?"]

In the beginning it was created with the intent to help straight hetero men but its application is universal should suit just about every sex or orientation.


[accordion_item title="Is The Slackers Method just about Online Dating and Craigslist Personals?"]

No. As you will see from the book, podcast, twitter updates, etc The Slackers Method is about more than Online Dating and Craigslist.


[accordion_item title="How many hookups can The Slackers Method really get me?"]

This is purely up to YOU and how satisfied you are with your achieved results. Results may vary.


[accordion_item title="Why was The Slackers Method created?"]

To help others like the author meet more people, get more dates, have more sexual opportunities, have more fun while doing it, and much much more!




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It means, the times have never been better to meet someone NEW!

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"The online dating world can be a challenge, and like all challenges, once mastered you'll be sailing the seas of possibility."

— September Man

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