Are The Flaggers on Craigslist In Charge?

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Are the flaggers on Craigslist in charge? Probably so.

You post an ad on Craigslist only for it to be flagged for removal? Who is doing that? Why are they doing that?

Here's another article devoted to your favorite Craigslist annoyance, those pesky "flaggers".

Does Craigslist give a rats-ass about the user experience? Probably not.

*Flaggers is a term reserved for people who feel it's their personal duty to police and sometimes ruin your Craigslist experience.

So Who Are These People?

They're dedicated, and determined to undermine the very democratic principle of free and open posting that made Craigslist the great bulletin board that it is.

Let's hope someone from Craigslist reads this article and gives it some consideration. The flagging system is highly abused and misused. There's a threshold that has to be met but take a look at what a few clever people are doing to help expedite the process. They've found a way to work the system. Don't you just love it?


Usually when your ad is flagged this is the message you receive.

This posting has been flagged for removal.

Please be sure to comply with posted guidelines and the CL TOU

Information on flagging and community moderation is available:

Advice from CL users about flagging can be found in flag help forum:

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your understanding.


Just Kind of Shines You on Doesn't It?

Here's the deal, Craigslist could care less. Messages like these lead you to believe, you the user have commited an offense. The video here clearly demonstrates that's not the case. People have complained for years to Craigslist and they've just been ignored.

We agree, it's not like it's a life or death situation but perhaps it's time Craigslist get serious about these annoyances. Especially when it's clear people are abusing the system.

Look at the personals section for example, it becomes clear that women are unfairly targeted and receive a brunt of the flags from angered men.

How do we know?

Psst! In case you haven't heard, The Slacker's Method has an inside scoop you can't get anywhere else for those who would like to be in the know.

The information is provided so you can come to your own conclusion.

We have our suspcicions about where the other flags originate from and you're welcome to read more about that exclusive click here.

The Slackers Method Position on Flagging Is This

It's a free service so one can't really complain.

However, since we are not paid by Craigslist', we do not engage in flagging of any kind.


Because it's not our job.

It would be different if we were being paid. So if you're someone who flags, why do you bother policing a community that's not yours? What do you get out of it? Let the world know.


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