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I'll be back - The Terminator

When you hear that famous line, who comes to mind? You guessed it, Ahnold!

Funny Craigslist Ad

funny craigslist ad

Courtesy of Craiglist

Re: Time To Settle This...(earth)the_date_decoder

Online Dating and Craigslist


Have you ever glanced at the personals section of Craigslist? You should go and look at the men seeking women section. I know… I know… You’re not gay and neither am I but you peak at the competition. Looking at what the other guys are up to should give you some insight as to what’s common.

One Dumb Woman? FAIL!


On April, 15 2011, found originally on yahoo news but you can read the gist of it here

We need to talk about responsibility. Where does it begin and where does it end? It's important to note that any time lawsuits are brought public side you can almost guarantee there will be new statutes (laws) to follow. Read this article for yourself and see if you don't reach the same conclusion I came to.

NSA All The Way???


NSA = No Strings Attached

This section of Craigslist Personals is both humorous, strange, and eye-opening. This is where all the fetish seekers go.