Women Exposed!!

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Surfing the Craigslist personals section will introduce you to some interesting post. Here's one that I thought I'd share with you. This here’s a real woman revealing a dirty little secret that most women would be ashamed or embarrassed to admit. Now this is a woman worth finding.

Read carefully!!

I agree with most of the posters on this subject. Females most definitely are has horny, if not more, then men. American society has us believing that a sexually liberated man is a player, while a sexually liberated woman is a slut. Which I believe is why we keep our sexual appetites on the down low. I think about sex ALL DAY! Masturbate at least once a day if not more, and have sex with my man every time I see him! I've had FWB it was about nothing else. I can do with out a boyfriend. I can't do with out sex. Me and my female friend talk about this constantly, and we even laugh about how we have to "hold back" and play it down because some men get spooked if we put it all on them at once!

Pull my hair, slap my ass, bite me, call me your filthy whore. I love it all. BUT I also enjoy tenderness. My point is that what ever your sexual preference and how you get it is your choice. Unfortunately we as woman are made to feel guilty about our feelings, even ashamed. So even those who don't claim to be horny, probably are. They are just embarrassed/ashamed of their feelings.

While on here I can proudly proclaim to be the freak I am (love role playing, anal sex, porn, toys, all of it!) I don't look like a so called "freak". I don't openly talk about it with everyone and anyone. And even my boyfriend now, doesn't know the full extent of my sexual desires. I'm completely faithful, just pulling it out little by little so he doesn't freak out.

Now that's great stuff. I like to encourage women to feel more open and usually that just leads to a woman feeling comfortable. As she should feel. Why would you want to date a woman who doesn't feel comfortable being herself around you? I bet she won't rock like this woman, she's aware of what she needs to do and plays her part accordingly. Now that's slacking your methods!


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