The Jokes On You: Plenty of Fish And All Plenty Offish

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For our first article about Plenty of Fish, we thought we'd start off by pointing out to you something both clever and funny.

Don't have an idea if others have caught this but The September Man did and brought it to everyone's attention.

And this discovery, while innocuous, makes you wonder if Markus Friend, founder of Plenty of Fish, knew what he was doing when he created the site.

The deeper meanings of things are not always immediate to us, while hidden in plain sight they become known to our awareness if we only stop and think for a minute.

What's about to be shared with you is where knowing words and how they work comes in handy. Fellow slackers, it looks like the joke is on all of us who use Plenty of Fish. Yes, we use it too, for free you can't beat it!!

So What Are We Talking About? Allow Us To Explain...

Dating sites are filled with people looking for love and sex. This is a known fact but what becomes clearer is when we look up a word and discover its meaning. Ever wondered why the people you meet are offish in some sort of way? In case you didn't know the definition of offish allows us to share it with you so you know it too!

The word is Offish adj aloof; unapproachable; standoffish.

In many words, this one word sums up the vast majority of popular dating sites and dating app users.

Either we(Online Daters) are unapproachable or haven't learned how to approach others in a public setting. Meaning we haven't mastered the skills of starting a conversation and keeping it going. This is why internet dating can suck for some, while for others can be like a trip to the candy store.

In Case It Sucks For You...

might we suggest you check out September Man's book The Slacker's Method: A How-To Guide For Meeting Women on Craigslist where more of this is discussed in detail. We break down how you can improve your social skills and become a smooth talker in no time.

Here's a question for you:  'Would you describe yourself as offish when it comes to meeting others?' You can be honest with yourself because in doing so you can always strengthen weakness and improve it.

In closing, you now see Plenty/of/Fish and Plenty/offish both sound the same but take on two different meanings depending on how you look at it.

Now we're just having fun with words but which way do you think Markus Frind meant it and which way do you see it? Let us know in the comments below!


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