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02 Apr 2021
Greetings All,

I have been away for a while but I'm back and with an all new podcast.

You can check out on the blog here: theslackersmethod.com/en/september-man-s...eptember-man-is-back

Check it out and feel free to share!
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Where can I find the Gym Rat Badge in NBA 2K22? 4 months 1 week ago #55255

It's as simple as completing one of the challenges in My Career this year to earn your Gym Rat Badge. One of the more time-consuming activities in the game is required to complete that challenge, however.In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of obtaining the Gym Rat Badge in NBA 2K22 in its entirety.Among NBA 2K players, the Gym Rat Badge is a popular choice because it provides a boost to your physical attributes without requiring you to regularly visit the Gatorade Training Facility. The Gym Rat  2k22 Badge  is a little different in NBA 2K22 than it was in previous years. Whereas it was a little more difficult to obtain in previous years, the Gym Rat Badge can now be obtained fairly early in your My Career journey in this game. 

In order for the Gym Rat Challenge to be active, you must first select it as an option. Quests > Career can be found under the Quests section of the main menu bar. Afterwards, you must pay a visit to the Gatorade representative in the large training facility in the center of the map to complete your mission. The Gym Rat badge can be unlocked by completing three star activities in the Gatorade Gym 50 times, which you will learn about when you meet with him for the first time. The Gym Rat Badge and the associated powerups will be yours once you've completed the quest.

Having to complete this challenge has only one drawback: some of the Gatorade skill games can be excruciatingly difficult to complete. This aspect of the game hasn't seen much improvement in years, and the games often feel like they're designed to make you fail and become frustrated.

However, if you are successful in earning the Gym Rat badge, you will be able to say goodbye to the training center and hello to a permanent boost in your abilities. Similarly to previous additions to the NBA 2K series, badges in NBA 2K22 are used to provide various boosts to the player's performance. All of the badges available in NBA 2K22, as well as the boosts associated with them, are listed below in this guide. 

NBA 2K22 features a total of 80 Badges, which are divided into four different types of skills: defense/rebounding, finishing, shooting, and playmaking. Each Badge can be unlocked by completing certain objectives. In-game performance allows you to make investments in each of these abilities, which will result in badge points for your efforts. The cap on badge points has, however, been significantly increased in 2K22. The Badge Loadouts feature allows you to manage your badges in a more convenient manner as well. By using these badge points, you'll be able to unlock and obtain any additional badges that you desire. Most of these badges, it should be noted, have been used in previous versions of the National Basketball Association. 

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