Thought I'd Be Married By Now

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Just so happen to be in the supermarket check out line and while waiting, what catches my eye? The cover of People Magazine "I Thought I'd Be Married By Now" featuring Kim Kardashian.

What's funny about this is there's a whole lot of women out there approaching 30 or just past it saying the same thing.

I don't know what you're looking for but if you're thinking about kids and marriage, settling down... You might want to take a look at women who are 28+.


Women at this age should be well past playing games as they should have learned earlier that it's not to their benefit which is why they're still single.

Society places undue pressure upon women, and women's expectations are to find Mr. Right, become married, and have babies. Even social norms have changed stereotypes have not. If a woman hasn't produced children by the time she's 30, she begins to think that family and friends begin to think something must be wrong with her.

Women feel this because they will begin to reflect on where they went wrong. Family, friends, religion add to this and it makes women feel awkward at social gatherings.

Women are repeatedly reminded of how young they're not getting and the problems associated with having children at a later age. Women hate being put under the microscope and this becomes a sore spot for them because it's beyond their control.

Why don't they have control over this? In order for a woman to have control over it, it requires her to have control over you. She can't create a baby on her own. So without you, unless she's Virgin Mary, children are out of the question.

If a woman gets through her 20's without getting knocked up it becomes increasingly more difficult as she gets older to find "A Good Man" Women are forced to have to settle and women hate the idea of settling especially for what they consider less attractive options.

In recent years, television shows like Sex In The City and Cougar Town have cut women some slack. Made it acceptable to get with younger men. Approaching 30 and being single doesn't have to mean you're old anymore. 30's the new 20 remember, and by being a cougar she opens herself up to a vast market of available males because in her age group the resource pool greatly shrinks.

What will women in need do? If she doesn't consider going to a sperm bank, she'll turn to someone "young, dumb, and full of come!" Somebody like you who lacks life experience! This makes her a predator but that's a whole other story. So for all you guys out there 18+ having trouble getting laid, there you go!

There's a huge potential for getting laid, but there's also a huge risk too. Being young means you'll probably want to explore your freedom, her being older and constantly concerned about growing older will probably mean she wants to settle and do the family thing. This places you firmly in the crosshairs of someone with hidden motivations regardless of what she tells you.

A few things you should know are

  • Some of these women were wild childs in their early 20's
  • Some of these women have placed a career as their priority
  • Some keep themselves waiting for the mythical Mr. Right
  • Some of these women haven't clarified what they are looking for
  • Some of these women are single parents

Remember that girl in her 20's who wanted to flake and play games?

Well, if she didn't get knocked up along the way she'll be on this circuit hopelessly trying to land someone like you later on.

So if you're out there dating around with women 28 and up that never been married or have children, have fun but protect yourself!

Ps. Don't dispose of your condoms at her place unless it's down the toilet!

P.P.S. Tie them up, so you don't create a plumbing problem that costs her money ;)


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