How Women Control You


Do women have control over you? A majority of men would say no to such a question. Upon further investigation, their behavior would prove otherwise.

Some men like for the women to take the lead in the relationship. To be honest it makes things easy for us but slipping into this brain-dead mode of not thinking has negative consequences, like submitting to the tyranny of a woman.

Don't let a small woman fool you, she could black your eye just as fast as a professional boxer could. So how do things get on such a course?

Simple, you allowed it to happen by not standing up for your manhood. You allowed a woman to manipulate and railroad you into compliance.

As you can tell by the tone of this article, The Slacker's Method is against such behavior. A man should be the man no matter what.

Don't know how to be a man, learn.

You have no excuses.

Another way women manipulate men is through a tactic of making things extremely difficult for you unless you fall in line with her demands and become a good boy.

Here Baxter, roll over baxter, sit baxter, good boy baxter. Are you a dog or a fucking MAN?

With online dating, you'll always come across lots of different ads where women openly state their exceedingly high expectations.

This is fine and all but if you read carefully the ad reads like a qualification for a job more than an invite to get to know them. Look at this example:

"Hello Gentlemen :) Are you a man of other ethnicity without reservation or hesitation, gentle, caring, and honest? One who puts God first? I am a refined green-eyed brunette with long legs, soft, full lips, thick hips, and a sparkling personality. I love to travel, and pack light so I can save room for that special find. I like to attend sporting events, live entertainment, and family functions. **I enjoy Jamacian, African, Mexican, Spanish, Japanese, Indian, Thai, and Soul foods.** My man will care for me in every way; physically, financially, and emotionally. I love to cuddle, am very affectionate, and love to be a Queen in the arms of her King."

"A man who is without reservation or hesitation, caring and generous, gentle and filled with The Holy Spirit. You are a NO limits man, and nothing is too much for you to handle. You are not of small mind or heart. You believe in taking care of those you care for without reservation or hesitation. You want to please the woman you are with immensely, enjoying the pleasure you receive in return. I believe age is just a number. Don't be shy gentlemen."

Now keep in mind this woman is 33, single with no kids. That means the clock is ticking. She hasn't grown out of princess mode and considers herself to be the equivalent of a Queen. More like a phony and a fake wishing to be put in a position she's not fit for.

Never let a woman tell you that she's a Queen.

Allow her to show you she's a Queen worthy and deserving of being on your arm.

  • "Without reservation or hesitation" Sounds like a recipe for someone who doesn't think too long or too hard. She wants you to go with the flow and open your heart *cough* wallet. Lavish her with earthly goods, special finds, sporting events, and travel tickets.
  • Another thing is this woman and many like her like to use religion against you. Why? Because she probably doesn't know any more than you do and if you haven't taken the time to go get answers for yourself, you'll fall into this trap.
  • One more problem we see here is, it's clear she's selfish. She hasn't stated how she would serve her King besides be the selfish PITA (Pain-In-The-Ass). A woman like this is more trouble than she's worth and will happily accept the first fool who comes along. why? Because a fool and his money soon go their separate ways.
  • If you're smart and don't take any of her shit, she'll either comply or flee. Probably the latter because she's looking to be pampered in every way.

Slackers don't like to be controlled. Slacker's like to be in control of themselves because that is how they're able to control others.

A nice guy will submit, why? Because he's a nice foolish guy that's why.

Do yourself a favor and ditch the 'nice guy' so the slacker inside can live. Never sell yourself short or stoop to the level of a woman's
expectations just so she'll accept you.

Being and doing whatever she wants to keep her happy is not going to keep her happy in the long run. So flip the script and raise her to your expectations.

Practice keeping yourself happy first!

How would you deal with a woman like this and would you deal with a woman like this?

Would you waste your time with her or go look for somebody who knew how to act right?


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