BBWs deluxe

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If your not in for a bit of honesty or are just going to be judgmental then please dont continue reading.

Finding a decent man these days seems to be an impossible task.

Im in my early twenties, hispanic, thick (in all the right places), and have never had trouble attracting guys. .....

So im guessing that my major flaws must be in my personality. Some of the guys that I have had open relationships with will come back over and over and over again for sexual relations. But none of them have initiated a full on relationship. If I like a guy then I have been willing to have sex early on in the relationship, which has given them the impression that I will have sex without a committed relationship.

I guess that my fear comes into play thinking that if I do not have sex with them they will not stay. I do want a committed relationship with a man but dont know how to get it. I have never been in a real relationship.

But it seems most men these days are not faithful, arrogant, self absorbed, only looking for sex, players, commitment phoebes, liars, or anything else they can be to not be in a commitment.

I want a man. Not a boy. Someone who has a job and a car. I am not a gold digger and I never have been, I enjoy paying for stuff too, but if you have a job and and some sort of success in your life it shows that you are willing to work hard and you have goals. I dont want a deadbeat who I am always paying for. I have a job, a car, and work hard everyday. You should too.

As I said before I am in my early twenties, but I have been finding myself attracted to men in their early thirties lately. They seem to have goals and be heading somewhere in there life and tend to know more of what they want. Im tired of these boys who think they are men and think that selling weed will last forever or sitting at home and chilling with friends will bring them a wonderful future. Is it too much to ask for an attractive, honest, intelligent man?

I am not posting this because I am wanting to find a relationship on here. I have honestly been very unattracted to most men lately. Im tired of guys hitting on me. Im tired of meaningless sex. Im tired of all the guys I know constantly wanting to have sex with me. I just want friends. I guess I brought on those meaningless sex relationships on myself, but I want a change. I need a change. And maybe a nice man someday :)

So what are your thoughts about all of this?


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