Courtesy of Craigslist

Most men on craigslist personals are fucking rejects that lie and cheat! Has been... Around the block one too many times!!!

Can't get a date to save their lives! Lie to get a date from women on Craigslist that are just returning the favor!! They learned lying from boys like you! Not all women are fat you stupid fucks!

Most of you don't have a car or a decent job! You guys have alot of room to talk posting nasty ass photos of your cocks thinking that is what decent women likes!

I don't even use this site for dating, mainly for a good laugh looking at you idiots trying to find a chic... Beggers can't be choosers... It's funny, you're looking for a date on the worst dating site ever, telling exactly what you want??? What do you guys expect from craigslist? A FUCKING BEAUTY QUEEN?? It's very clear that for some this is the last resort for you! You can't find something out there because something MUST be WRONG with YOU, since your hiding behind your computer! I hear of the horror stories all over the net... Why don't you idiots pay money for a real site and save the rest of us from having to hear your bitching about what a loser you are cause you can't get a date from what YOU FEEL is wrong!!! Maybe if you would grow up you might actually find what your looking for!


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