The Problem With Being Fat Or Over Weight Or Whatever You Want To Call It

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Let's start off by saying there's nothing wrong with being fat, overweight, chunky but funky, BBW, or whatever you want to call it. So why then title this article stating that there is a problem with it if there's nothing wrong with it. Confused? You won't be in a minute.

Here's a quick test to see how fat you are. Stand up as straight as you can. Place your feet together and from the erect standing position, look down to see if you can see your own toes.

Can you see your little piggies wiggling?

No? That means you've failed the test and need some maintenance.

Now Before You Get Defensive...

cupoftequilaThis is brought to your attention not to insult you, but to point out the challenges associated with being overweight. We shouldn't tell you this but we'll do it anyway. The challenges are several, not to mention your overall health not being optimal in this state. Being overweight can raise the cost of everything from clothing to inflated medical care.

Maybe you're well aware you're not everyone's cup of tea... but wouldn't you want to appeal to better quality men?

We've heard a lot of excuses over the years, including these:

  • It's hereditary
  • I can't lose weight
  • My doctor said it was in my genes
  • My doctor said I shouldn't do physical activity
  • I'm a big girl and that's just the way I am

Do any one of these excuses sound familiar to you? Are you holding on to a lame excuse or two that allows you to stay in a comfort zone that doesn't suit your best and highest potential?

If the answer to both is yes, keep in mind these can be contributing to factors such as depression and low self-esteem. Both can lead to you medicating through food, which can lead to you keeping on the pounds. It's a vicious cycle that feeds on itself.


So What's The Problem With Being Fat?

When it comes to men of the dating world and more especially online dating, men are attracted by what they see visually. Western culture has conditioned men to believe fat is unacceptable unless it's a fat round ass or some fat plump titties!!

Fat is synonymous with lazy, slothful, and sloppy. You may disagree with that but since that is the prevailing belief men hold, it becomes the obstacle you must overcome.

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Don't hold your breath waiting for Mr. Right if you refuse to change, you might start collecting cobwebs.

So if you're having trouble in the romance department and can't seem to attract decent mates (by that we mean 'Men who only want you for one thing') then consider your being overweight, the source of your problem.


Your Weight Is Not Who You Are.

Going back to the excuses above. No one knows your background but we're attempting to shed light on the mystery of why you can't seem to attract the right type of men.

Your weight is not who you are and since that be the case, ditch the 'fat bitch' and get with the slimmer one asap. Yeah, we said it, and here's why.

When you're a certain size you become more prone to attracting certain types of men. Men, who view you as a temporary option rather than a long-term solution, see Easy Target or Hard to Get? Now if your aim is to have strings of meaningless relationships that usually lead to nothing, keep on trucking with the weight on.

Now if that's not your aim, and you like to see yourself with someone who has themselves together then get yourself together. Start losing weight and experience the benefits of a lighter, brighter, healthier you. You don't have to achieve supermodel size 1 or 2 status. Just slimming down from whatever size you are or toning is always going to benefit you and boost your own self-worth. Its win-win money can't buy.

In truth, you can still be chunky with a kick-ass attitude.

That may seem like a contradiction to the message given here but we speak to those of you who feel something is afoot and can't quite put your finger on what it is. Big girls can be awesome for men who love them, this is the key!

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Either find men who will accept you for who you are or transform into the desirable vixen that attracts worthy men.

Be honest with yourself and acknowledge if you have a feeling deep down inside that suggests 'it's time to lose a little weight' listen to it. There are a variety of different avenues to choose from maybe you just need A little bit of Exercise Motivation?

Friends and family likely won't be brutally honest with you out of fear they could offend your pride and upset you. Their intent is to not hurt you but with The Slacker's Method, our intent is to give you an honest male opinion that's insightful, helpful, and useful.

In closing, we hope you've gotten some useful information into how being overweight leads to excuses, a poor self-image, a vicious cycle, and also help you to attract the wrong types of men or no men period. If this is something you wish to change, hopefully now you have an idea of what to do!

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