Conjunction Junction Erectile Dysfuntion


Take your pick, you have the blue pill, the purple pill, and a slew of generics to choose from. How do you stay in the game when you have a hard time getting it up? Also, where do you turn for help?

With a wealth of options to choose from it can be both confusing and embarrassing for a typical male.

It can be equally devastating when you can't rise to the occasion. A lot of men don't have a trusted source they can turn to for guidance so may we point out that, that is an indicator of something health-related.

Can we share with you some information to consider?

There's a powerful industry behind all those fancy pills. They would like you to believe that doctors in a white lab coat can solve your problem. The illusion is they are working to solve men's erection problems.

Something you may not have given consideration to, each new disease they create[discover], a new label is also created giving the dis-ease life in the minds of the gullible.

Check out this disease-mongering engine over at Natural News. You can create a new phony disease that sounds official in the click of a button Disease Mongering Engine

First, it was erectile dysfunction, now it's Low T for (Low Testosterone), what will it be tomorrow?

We at The Slacker's Method do not endorse prescription drug cocktails however we do believe in the healing power of natural medicine.

If the aim of taking pills is to achieve maintaining your arousal, that would seem to suggest there are some deeper psychological issues.

Which works better?

For those of you who have experience, what's your take on the pill vs natural medicine?

The answers may surprise you. It is our intent to expand the discussion in further articles found inside this site to provide you with solid information so you can make educated and informed decisions.

So give us your take on the whole Erectile Dysfunction epidemic and prescription drugs versus natural medicine.


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