These Flakes Won't Drown In Milk

craigslist flakes

Don't you wish they could though? Joking while it may be a frustration, never bring harm to anyone.

The thing about women on Craigslist is they have a tendency to be flakey. Sometimes for reasons unknown which be a source of irritation.

To be fair, samples of how women feel about men on Craigslist should be taken into consideration.

On this site, you'll find answers straight from the source with no editing done to them. Some of these may appear to be wordy but there's a ton of useful information that can be mined from what some women had to say.

Women on Craigslist can be some of the biggest pains in the asses ever that will leave you scratching your head wondering, is there any method to their madness? Are they intentionally playing around or just plain crazy!?

Maybe. It's certainly worth exploring should you make the time.

As you read through some of the articles posted here, keep an open mind and be aware of the contradictory-ness that females display.

What's your experience been like with women on Craigslist? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment!


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