Top 10 Most Common Headlines Used on Craigslist Personals Ads

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One of the things about Craigslist is, c'mon it's Craigslist. It's no thrills and it's best not to have high expectations but that doesn't mean you shouldn't hope for the best.

We want to share with you headlines that are all too familiar, bland, and blah.

These are so common others are using them too. We ask you 'how do you appear different from the next person when using the same lame bait?'

You might not have considered this but your headline is the first thing to grab someone's attention. It's the most important part of your ad.

A headline can speak volumes about you before a woman even considers reading your ad. Don't you want more women to click and read further?

The Top 10 Headlines Men Use on Craigslist Personals Ads

  1. Looking for my Queen!
  2. "Doug" seeking "Carrie"
  3. Where are you?
  4. Looking for ltr
  5. Tired of being alone
  6. Looking for a relationship
  7. Hey There
  8. Nice Guy looking for ltr
  9. Are you out there?
  10. R u looking for Romance

Are you using any of these with great success? Could more be added feel free to do so and leave a comment!


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