You've Got Spam! Volume Three


Spam, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again...

You've asked for it, SPAM! will be the focus for today.

Craigslist users should understand that SPAM! goes with the territory. It is an annoyance but the great news is we can do something about it by staying aware of it. Here are a few samples of it. So let's get started.

Usually, when you respond to an ad, you would expect to get a reply back from a "real" person.

Craigslist is notorious for fake ads, which is a good reason to remain highly skeptical of ads that include pictures of smoking hot babes such as these.

Case Study shows 84% of Craiglist ads are fake, you're probably thinking no surprise there. Spammers would like you to believe women such as these in the examples above are sitting around waiting to speak to you.

Maybe in your dreams but they have your expectations in mind, or so they think.

    *It's important to consider since 84% of Craigslist ads are fake, this means pictures like these were stolen from somebody else!

So let's get dig further into this methodology for identifying SPAM! By the way, Gmail by google has an intuitive spam filter. More on this later.

After we have received a response in our inbox. Here are few ways to verify if a response is from a genuine person.

Verify the sender's name against the sent email address name.

In Gmail, hover the mouse pointer over the sender's email address located in the upper left-hand corner. Do they match?

The reason why you should do this is that if you reply, the address you're about to respond to may differ from the sender's address. There is a pretty high chance you will be responding to spam. This should be red flag no. 1!

Take a look at these two sets of email address examples below, notice anything funny?

Letters Numbers
amaliaworthanugkj@[xxx].com lynseycardozo6191@[xxx].com
sachikoborchardthlzc@[xxx].com arielprovasi448@[xxx].com

Notice the play on what sounds like real names followed by letters or numbers. This is done to mislead you into thinking it is an authentic reply when it is not.

If you catch any of this, consider it to be red flag no. 2.

Why are you being told this? For three good reasons:

  1. It will reduce your amount of time spent filtering out spam responses 
  2. It will help reduce any agitation and frustration you may feel 
  3. It will reduce your exposure to scams and frauds

Number 3 above is critical because when we factor in dealing with women anywhere you will still need to be aware of scams and frauds of another type.

Next is the type of spam message. Messages can vary in length and also contain a link that redirects you to another website.

Here is another way to verify if the ad is spam. In the browser window follow these steps:

  1. Take your mouse. 
  2. Click and drag highlighting all of the text.
  3. Look for hidden characters such as numbers or letters in superscript.

The reason for highlighting text is to reveal any hidden characters in the message. These are generated by spam.

Here's an example, notice the hidden characters after every line of text?

  • Nicej Adjeuhkdyaqvi
  • zAredysjaciz
  • vYouipjud
  • iReal?hkmwrxcpfp 
  • -zEmilygvkwfwtidxzwpatwacw

The highlighted portions are hidden text in superscript around each word, they can also show up after sentences. 

Also, spam messages are loaded with Keywords, Challenge Question, and Abbreviations such as:

Keywords Challenge Question Abbreviations
hook up free tonight? fwb - friends w/benefits
discreet encounter are you real? ltr - long term relationship

Catch any of this, let that be red flag no. 3.

It is important for you to know this so you don't get duped into handing vital information such as a credit card number in exchange for access to a site claiming to have the world's hottest chicks.

They're happy to take your money. I am happy to take your money too, but I would rather give you something of value in exchange for it.

I know dealing with spam can be frustrating but when we learn how to minimize it, we have less frustration and headache which allows us to succeed in reaching our goal... meeting women!


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