Introducing: The Shit Women on Craigslist Personals Have to Put Up With

 In this video, you are introduced to the idea of what it's like for women who use Craigslist Personals and what they have to put up with.

IF they post a personals ad on Craigslist, they are sure to have their inboxes bombarded within 15 minutes of the ad becoming visible on the site due to Craigslist Ad submission delay.

Because of this and possibly several other factors, it can take women a while to respond to you if they are ever to get to your message in the first place!!

A lot of men become angry with women if they have not heard back from them within a pre-expected period of time. Due to this expectation men typically become frustrated and resort to flagging women's ads out of anger.

Imagine for a second... being a woman and as soon as you post to Craigslist, your inbox becomes flooded with messages, sometimes containing inappropriate sexually explicit photos or perverted messages with major grammatical errors.

Now you might think, this isn't that big of a deal. And while I could agree with you that some of these factors are small potatoes, when you begin to look at it through a woman's eyes, IT'S NOT!

And for that reason, you may not be enjoying the response rate you'd like because the very women you're trying to reach are overwhelmed.

If you've had no idea about this before, well now you do!

The aim of this YouTube video is to provide insight so you can adjust your strategy accordingly and succeed!


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